Storage Ideas You’ll Love


Whether you’re shacked up in a tiny studio apartment or live in a sprawling 5 bedroom home, it seems everyone struggles to find enough space for their worldly belongings. Lucky fror us, clever designers and brands like Home Solutions & Mia Casa have come up with fab products to help you get your life in order.

Utilise that awkward space between shelves with this ingenious shelf basket – perfect for tea towels or condiments.

Home Solutions Under Shelf Basket, $6 $3 available from (This sale has now ended)

Keep your bathroom looking tidy and separates whites, dark and colours as you go with these chic laundry baskets.

Home Solutions Bamboo Laundry Hampers, $44 $24.50 available from (This sale has now ended)

Make use of even the smallest of spaces by hanging scarves, towels or hats on the back of any available door. These hooks are a great option for renters as they don’t require you to drill holes into the door.

Home Solutions Over The Door Hooks, $17 $10 available from (This sale has now ended)

Is the bottom of your wardrobe a bit of a wasteland of shoes? Get organised with this stylish wooden shoe rack, this product not only looks fabulous it will also keep your shoes in good condition. We also love to idea of taking this rack into the bathroom as a way to store towels.

Home Solutions shoe rack, $26 $15 available from (This sale has now ended)

These woven storage boxes look so good that last thing you’ll want to do it hide them away. Perfect for keeping all those knick-knacks you’re not sure what to do with, slide these into bookshelves or even underneath the bed.

Home Solutions Woven Storage Baskets, $60 $33 available from (This sale has now ended)

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Do you struggle with storage in your home? What are your clever storage solutions?