Why I’m starting my Christmas Shopping in September

Christmas shopping in September? Call me crazy, but now couldn’t be a better time to get your gifts sorted. ‘Why’ you may ask? Cos #gainz dear reader, #gainz.

There really are endless positives to being prepared for the silliest of seasons. Ranging from maintaining your sanity to maintaining your budget, so here are 6 very convincing reasons why I’ll be getting Christmas wrapped up early this year.

  1. Planned spendings = SAVINGS!

Because you’re planning well in advance, you’ve got time to sit down and allocate your budget. This is what we call ‘controlled spending’, and it’s one of the best ways to avoid blowouts.

How to set a Christmas Budget coming soon

  1. Just #Chill

Because you’re not feeling the immense pressure of “OMG it’s only 6 days till Christmas and I haven’t even started shopping yet!!!” you’ve got time to leisurely browse for the best deals. Meaning- extra funds for your festive wine budget and less credit card debt come January 😉

  1. Get Crafty

If you like the idea of giving gifts from the heart then it’s time to get crafty! Organic body scrubs, chocolates, you name it, you can pretty much find anything on Pinterest. Yes, this requires more of your time but the savings are totes worth it.

  1. Say Goodbye to The Christmas Cray-Cray

There’s no such thing as road rage, car-park chaos, or pushy stroller mums in September. The mall is a leisurely place, people are polite, they wait their turn. Your mental state remains intact when the craziness doesn’t catch on. Come Christmas, you might even enjoy yourself!

  1. More time for FUN!

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like Christmas parties, BBQs, impromptu catch-ups and family fun time! (excuse the sarcasm). Because your Christmas pressies have been ticked-off and wrapped up since late October, you’ve got more time to enjoy the things that make Christmas so special: baking, movies, crafts, catch-ups and more importantly, decorations!

  1.  Less Debt = HAPPINESS

Even if you end up spending the same amount as last year, slowly chipping away at your savings means a considerably smaller credit card bill come January. Come February you’re back on your feet whilst your friends are still licking the wounds of financial burden.

Sounds good right? Told ya’ so! Before you head out on your merry way, just remember:

Enough is enough- set your budget and stick to it. When you’re done, put the credit card down! The whole point of this exercise is to SAVE money, not to allocate more time to buying more stuff!

Most importantly, don’t forget where you’ve hid them! Keep your list so that when the time comes you know exactly what you have for who.

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