This Mac and Cheese Recipe Has THE Most Glorious Twist…

It’s difficult to top a good ol’ fashioned Mac and Cheese but it seems that this creative chef has done just that. Emeril Legasse has invented- brace yourself- an Air Fried Mac and Cheese Wheel. That’s right: an AIR FRIED MAC and CHEESE WHEEL!

Is your head spinning? Cos it should be. The delectable upgrade isn’t just a genius twist on a family classic, it’s cheap and takes only 45 mins to make.

Requiring four (yes FOUR!) types of cheeses, spices, butter, breadcrumbs and pasta, this baby is far from gluten free, dairy free or vegan friendly- just 100% delicious, nostalgic-tasting yumness

Thank you Emeril! You’ve just added a whole new reason to my existence!

Get the full recipe here: Air Fried Mac & Cheese Wheel

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