This blogger’s guilt free dessert is mouthwateringly amazing

This food blogger has invented the most delicious whole-food treat: 2 Ingredient Frozen Banana Bites.

Two ingredients?! Meaning: these little babies contain bananas and choc chips- that’s it.

So how did these delectable delights of deliciousness come about?

As @myfoodswag (known in real-life as wholistic food coach, Melissa Rosenthal Dubin) explains on her Instagram:

“first- unpeel ripened organic bananas and freeze them.

Then you can use a Yonanas machine or a blender to whip them into banana “ice cream” (so delicious!)

Once blended mix in organic mini-chocolate chips (^cocao content) and spoon into mini cupcake pan. Sprinkle more chips on top. Re-freeze and use a knife to help loosen from pan. ¬†ūüćĆūüíē”

So, what in god’s name is a¬†Yonanas?

A Yonanas¬†dear reader, is the kitchen appliance¬†of your dreams. I hear you saying “oh, not another stupid kitchen contraption”. Well, this ‘stupid’ little contraption happens to be very clever. With just one flick of a button you can turn your fruits into a velvety smooth, whole-food, no additive ice cream. A.k.a. the dessert of your dreams. Who doesn’t want guilt-free, tasty¬†treats on tap? Heck! even Queen Bey herself would approve of this!




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