10 Aussie inspired dessert recipes

Only two more days till Australia Day! 🎉🎉🎉 In our last two blog posts we have talked about 10 delicious side dishes for your Aussie BBQ and and 10 fun activities for your kids. Let’s stick to the magic number of 10 also for this time! 10 seriously delicious desserts are waiting for you. I think I can reveal the secret now, there’ll be lots and lots of Tim Tams, Lamingtons and other typical Aussie food inspired recipes 😃 So, please forget about your New Year’s resolutions for a moment and get inspired by those mouth-watering recipes. It’s a public holiday, guys, dieting can wait until 27th January, let’s call Aussie Day our cheat day 😉.

What comes first to your mind when somebody asks you about a typical Australian treat? I asked my friends this question and the answer was clear: TIM TAMS!!! Seriously, who doesn’t like Tim Tams? Of course, the easiest solution would be to just go to the next supermarket and buy some for your Aussie Day party but how about making a Tim Tam cake yourself?


Recipe via Raspberricupcakes

If you feel that one giant Tim Tam is not enough you might want to consider making Tim Tam brownies. They are less time-consuming than making a cake, especially if you have a thermomix at home.


Recipe via littlebitofthyme

Since we are talking about typical Aussie treats, there’s no way we don’t post a Lamington-related recipe, or even two 😉 Let’s all hope the weather will be nice and warm so that we can have some of this these Lamington Ice Cream Pops!


Recipe via Spiciecream

Even if it’s Australia Day, why not getting inspired by other cultures, especially when we are talking about something heavenly like Tiramisu? All you need is mixing Italian with Australian traditional sweets and abracadabra the Lamington Tiramisu is born, or should I say Lamingtonsu? 😉


Recipe via Notquitenigella

In our last blog post we were talking about sweets for the kids at your Aussie Day party. Here’s a recipe that will bring back childhood memories: home-made Wagon Wheels!

Homemade Wagon Wheels - for Australia Day! 8

Recipe via Milk and Honey

Milo is probably another thing we associate with childhood. If you are not a fan of it just substitute it with another similar powder to make this yummy Milo Cheesecake. The artists among you can even decorate the top with the map of Australia to give it the ultimate Australian touch!


Recipe via Raspberricupcakes

Although Anzac Day is yet to come there is no reason why we shouldn’t have Anzac Biscuits for Australia Day, especially if we slightly change the traditional recipe and go for this Chocolate & Macadamia version.


Recipe via Notquitenigella

Now it’s time to have a look at some more colourful recipes, like these Australia Day trifles. Wave Australia’s nation’s colours, and make the most of the summer berries. Kids and adults alike will love this recipe for sure!


Recipe via Kidspot

Here comes a dish I am sure most of you had for the Christmas holidays: Pavlova! The special thing about this recipe is that you use brown sugar which makes the meringue taste like caramel.


Recipe via Chocolatesuze

Our last recipe for today is again Pavlova-related, but this time it takes the shape of cupcakes, simply because cupcakes always work and because they get even better with passion fruit buttercream!


Recipe via Afternooncrumbs

We hope that the one or other recipe we shared in our 3 Aussie Day blog posts make it to your party next Tuesday and wish all of you a Happy Australia Day. If you look for more recipes or party ideas visit our PINTEREST account where we daily share new ideas with you or visit OZSALE to shop kitchen gadgets and partyware.


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