MYSALE Group Announces E-Retailer Takeover

The MYSALE Group kicks off the week with some very exciting news: we’ve added three new platforms to our ever-growing e-commerce franchise. As of the first of February, MYSALE has acquired the trademarks, IP and the customer base of Deals Direct, OO, and Top Buy from Greys Online.

Of the operation, CEO Carl Jackson explains, “In all intents and purposes… it’s been a very clear process that we’ve been working through….we’ve migrated the platforms, the technology’s moved, we’ve on-boarded the suppliers, and we’re moving the customers over…A lot of time and deep thinking into the migration [has resulted in] a great effort from the whole team.”

So what does the MYSALE group have in-store for it’s three new e-retailers?

With a stronghold in Australia and New Zealand flash sales, a traditional e-commerce division is exactly what Carl Jackson was seeking to compliment MYSALE’s global inventory base.

“The risk with flash is that you don’t have product on sale all the time and the strengths of flash are that you get very high volume. Now this e-commerce platform will allow us to have some stability in our inventory and greater continuity for our suppliers…”

“Flash does a job for brands- it clears product very quickly, [at] very high velocity, with very deep discounts. Now, that…doesn’t suit our customers all the time.…If you’ve got this ‘always in stock’ model, and as long as you’ve got products that have got high repeat purchase metrics and people are coming back looking, than flash is just your marketing tool, your engine to drive awareness and traffic.”

With its most strategic takeover to date in the bag, MYSALE can boast the second largest e-commerce platform in Australia and New Zealand and outside of EBAY.

As for world domination… Jackson graciously responds “For me the scale and the opportunity is there…[We’re] now saying we have a core flash model, an e-retail model, and we have these two verticals that then can be driven into different geographies: ANZ, ASIA and the rest of the world”.


CEO Carl Jackson at MYSALE’s Sydney headquarters. Photograph by Connie Chan


Article by Briohny Luhrmann