This 5-Minute Makeup Routine Is All You Need…

Argh! Mornings! You’re so busy fussing about everybody else with not a scrap of care for yourself right?

Who has time to get up at 5.00 AM, exercise for an hour, prepare and eat one of those fancy insta-worthy smoothie bowls, pack lunches, navigate the school drop-off, and then head to work for a 9am sharp start? (And somewhere along the way you have to get yourself looking respectable too?!) Please! It’s no secret that life is getting busier. We’re wearing more hats, running tighter schedules, and fuelling higher aspirations than ever before. So how do we keep up? By getting s**t done faster and this 5-minute make-up routine might be the perfect way to start.

Forget about contouring, strobing, clowning, baking and all those other wacky make-up trends. This easy-as morning routine will leave you looking natural, fresh and will have you out the door in five minutes flat.

Step 1 –  Prime

Fill-in fine lines and prep the skin for a day’s worth of coverage. A good primer will make your make-up last longer and your skin appear fresher.


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Step 2-  Foundation 

Use a liquid foundation to brighten and even out your skin tone and always opt for one with SPF. Use your hands to apply as the natural warmth from your hands will allow the foundation to spread more evenly. Avoid seam lines at your jaw-line and forehead by blending with a sponge or buffing brush.

Handy Hint: Save time by mixing your foundation and primer together, before applying.

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Step 3 – Concealer

Apply under the eye area to brighten and to hide any imperfections/ discolourations. Blend with your ring finger or a brush.

Handy Hint: You can double your concealer as a illuminator. Extend your application to the cheekbones, and the area between the base of the nose and the apple of the cheeks. Blend with your finger, sponge or brush.


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Step 4 – Face 

Use a contouring brush to lightly apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Going for the ‘sun-kissed’ glow? Apply bronzer with the hints below.

Handy Hint: When applying bronzer to the cheeks, brush the line under you cheekbone from your hairline to the apple. Dab the brush across your nose. Finally, fill-in the top of your forehead, at the hairline by motioning your brush in an arc-like movement. Blend your bronzer with a large fluffy brush.

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Step 5 – Eyes

Start with your eyeliner. Draw a line along your lash line and blend. Then add some eyeshadow in brown or blush (depending on your skin tone) to the crease of your eye-socket. Finish it off with some quick strokes of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Hand Hint: You can easily use your eyeshadow for defining your brows. Simply use a matte brown shadow and apply in quick even stroke with a chipping brush.


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Step 6 – Lips

Keep it natural by opting for soft pink, buff or nudes. Make sure you choose a long lasting lip product so that you don’t have to reapply it every hour.


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And you’re done! These six simple steps will have you looking fresh-faced in five minutes flat. Looking for more beauty inspo? Check out our Pinterest page for more life hacks.

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