The Hair Trend That Will Take Your Braid To The Next Level

This blog post is about pancaking and no, it’s not about the yummy treats we occasionally have for breakfast! It’s the name for the legendary hairstyle technique which will add a noticeable oomph to your braid.

So why is it called pancaking? There’s an easy explanation to it. The main idea behind it is to make your braid flatter (like a pancake). This will make your braid look automatically more voluminous. All you have to do is to braid your hair (French, Dutch, Fishtail, Milkmaid braid etc. – Go nuts!) and then pull each section of the braid with your thumb and pointer finger gently apart.

Here are some Pinterest and Instagram inspired pancaking styles for you.

Pancaking works for messy styles as well as…

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…for more romantic styles and looks even more impressive…

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…with coloured hair!

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 To be fair, when first trying this hairstyle it might not look as majestic as the braids showed above but you will be surprised how easy pancaking is. You will totally fall for it, especially if you have thin hair! I mean, who doesn’t want to have full, voluminous hair?!

If you feel like you need some more exercise, have a look at this DIY tutorial.

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