Flawless Skin in 5 Steps

There is an endless list of tips how to get flawless skin. And while some of us are blessed with perfect skin, others have to fight against acne and blackheads. We all know how harmful smoking, eating sweets and a lack of sleep is for our skin. At the same time we can’t possibly follow all recommendations about what food to eat, which facial mask to apply etc.

Luckily there are also some less time-consuming tips how to get better skin.


Never go to bed without washing your face. Always make sure you remove your make-up before going to sleep.


Don’t leave the house without suncream! Even if you love sunbathing, bare in mind that less is more. After all, sun exposure can cause wrinkles so make sure you put cream on and check what SPF is best for your skin type.


Keep your skin hydrated and healthy by using moisturizer regularly, so don’t skip it! And don’t forget to drink enough water, after all hydration is key to clear skin 😉


Eat berries! The great thing about them is that they are not only yummy and super healthy but that they also help reducing the risk of pimples. So the next time you head to your favourite greengrocer’s make sure you buy lots of berries!

Portrait of attractive young adult woman applying blusher

Choose mineral makeup. While vitamins are known to be important in skincare, minerals have been largely overlooked. With mineral makeup, however, you can help fight acne as you cover it instead of just clogging the pores.
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