No More Bad Hair Days

Every woman wants to have it – strong, healthy hair. Even with the best hair stylist at our side, it’s pretty hard to avoid bad hair days. And who doesn’t know the sad feeling when your hair goes back to normal a few days after you got your new haircut? That’s why we have collected some tips for you how to get healthy hair in just a few steps.

Don’t brush your hair while still wet!


Instead of brushing your hair, use a comb; otherwise you can¬†cause damage. In general, make sure you don’t brush your hair too often. If you brush your hair three to four times a day you will stimulate the circulation in your scalp, ensure undisturbed hair growth and feed the hair follicles. So make sure you brush your hair with care.

Let your hair air-dry

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Try not to blow-dry or straighten your hair as this will only damage your hair and cause split ends. Even if you just cut down on blow-dry a little bit you will clearly see a difference. It is also a very good method to make your hair grow faster ūüėČ

Get a trim


Getting a trim regularly is vital for keeping your hair healthy. Unless you are one of the few lucky ones who don’t see a lot of split ends you should think about getting a trim every 6-8 weeks even¬†when growing out your hair.¬†Since we all know how expensive appointments with¬†hair stylists can be, why¬†not¬†try a local beauty school?

Don’t wear a bun or pony tail everyday


As much as we all love the messy bun we shouldn’t pull our hair back everyday as this will cause breakage. Either wear your hair loose or if you want it out of your face use big clips or bobby pins instead.

Keep your hair clean


I guess we’ve all heard about the No-Poo movement. The main idea behind it is to wash your hair without shampoo to preserve your natural oils. However, as long as¬†you use quality products you don’t damage your hair at all. On the contrary, you provide your hair with moisture, and give it a shiny look.

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