Fashion’s Queen of Spades


Just as the spade is universally recognised as the highest house in a deck of cards, in much the same way Kate Spade is universally recognised as a brand of high quality and reputation.

Colour your world with Kate Spade’s bold colours and patterns which bring personality and life to accessories which were once boring and dull. Ozsale loves Kate Spade bags because they are so versatile and utilitarian. The chic silhouettes are elegantly maintained despite the playful hint of colour that distinguish Kate Spade from other brands.

Born in 1993, Kate Spade has blossomed over the past two decades into a universal lifestyle brand that produces everything from stationery to bedding to jewellery, representing the modern, sophisticated woman in more than one way.

Brighten up your day (and your outfit) with a gorgeous Kate Spade tote like this one:

Kate Spade Handbag, $479 $349 available from OZSALE


Or opt for a more everyday style like this one:

Kate Spade Black Handbag, $572 $399 available from OZSALE


Words: Grace Lee

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