Cool Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf


For one very small piece of fabric, a bright printed silk scarf can give your look a whole new twist. No doubt you all have a lovely silk scarf stashed away in your wardrobe somewhere, perhaps you bought it on a whim or maybe it was a gift from a friend, but you’re unsure on how to work it into your everyday wardrobe.

Inspired by the seriously gorgeous Givenchy silk scarves on sale this week, we’ve rounded up our fave ways to wear a pretty silk scarf.

As A Headband

Tame a frizzy ‘do or cover up day old hair by working your scarf into a headband. Tie a neat knot at the top of your head for a retro feel or knot at the nape of your neck and let the scarf hang loose for a boho twist.

Image via: The Shady Lady

On Your Bag

Give your old handbag a fresh new look by dressing it up with a printed scarf. Wrap a scarf that coordinates with your outfit around your bag for a cool on-trend look.

Image via: Brunch at Saks

Around Your Neck

It’s the most obvious of ways to wear a silk, but not exactly the most practical during the cooler winter months. Solve this fashion dilemma by wearing not one, but two scarves, a woolen on for warmth and a silk one for a touch of colour.

Image via: Smashion

Givenchy scarf, $392 $130 available from

Givenchy scarf, $392 $130 available from

Givenchy scarf, $392 $130 available from

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