The question on every woman’s mind: “Spanx, why bother?”

Maybe you have come across the article we posted a couple of days ago on our Facebook page. In this article, a blogger explained her simple reason why she decided not to wear Spanx under her ball gown “because I didn’t want to”. Her answer was as simple as brilliant but it also triggered some discussions. Not only on our Facebook page but also at work with our colleagues. One of my colleagues told me that she had often worn Spanx because it made her outfit look better and avoided “extra skin at the bra line”. Another colleague joined our conversation and told us that she also used to wear shapewear in the past. She was far from being completely against wearing Spanx, she only said “I now try to wear outfits that don’t require wearing shapewear under it”. The longer we were talking about this topic the more I learnt how many women actually regularly wear Spanx and also openly admit it. I was pretty surprised about it because I always thought it’s a rather private issue nobody really wants to talk about. Well, after having this conversation with my colleagues, I now know that I was wrong about it! I did some more research on this topic and came across some pros and cons about wearing Spanx:


  1. They can make you feel fat. Yes, shapewear will help you to look slimmer and is supposed to make you feel better but it could also do the opposite to you. Why would you want to wear them if you didn’t want to look different?
  2. You might feel it’s a bit harder to breathe. We can tell that shapewear is not the most comfortable thing to wear, so make sure you invest in a good quality pair and in the correct size to avoid those problems.
  3. They are messing with your body image. There’s already a lot of pressure from society to be thin and it feels like shapewear supports this trend.


  1. They just work. Just imagine your best friend’s wedding is coming closer and closer but you don’t have the time to start your workout programme but still want to fit in this gorgeous dress you have bought for this special day. Shapewear makes you look 5 kilos lighter before you know it and saves you from dieting.
  2. You get a clean silhouette. As my colleague mentioned before “no more muffin top”. It just helps smoothing out the body!
  3. It boosts your confidence. Be it a fancy party, a date or school reunion, it’s always good to feel strong and confident and to show off your best assets.

I showed this list to one of my colleagues and her answer was “But it always depends on your personality, doesn’t it?”. And I think she’s got a pretty good point about that. Of course, there’s a lot of pressure on how women should look like, but I know that there are a lot of strong women out there so why shouldn’t we feel comfortable enough to say, okay I am wearing Spanx today because I feel it’ll help me to look better in this dress (unless we are lucky enough to find a dress which already fits us perfectly and doesn’t require any additional support 😉).  And don’t forget that Spanx aren’t a weight loss solution. As another colleague mentioned “they simply make you look tighter and smoothen any unwanted lumps and bumps and they add structure the an outfit. They can make a cheap dress look more expensive. They also come in handy if the fabric is slightly transparent or especially prone to a visible panty line.”

We thought we could even compare the issue about pressure to look thinner to pressure about wearing makeup. Some women feel more pressurized than others and again, there is absolutely nothing wrong about not wearing spanx or makeup if you don’t feel comfortable with it or if you just don’t want to. At the same time, we shouldn’t judge women who swear by it, no matter if they wear it on a regular basis or just on special occasions. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision and don’t do so because you want to follow any trends or please society.

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